Celestial ‘thumbs up’ from The Perseids

August augurs well for Celestial Cakes – not only is it St Lawrence the patron saint of cooks and chefs Feast Day on 10th August – it is also the time in the year when there is a spectacular celestial light show in the night sky in the form of The Perseids.  Astronomers are predicting a dazzling display of shooting stars this week as the Perseid meteor showers reach a peak in activity.

The Perseids  form one of the highlights of the astronomical calendar and this year is expected to one of the best in recent history.  If you get time check it out….the best time to view is between midnight and 3:00am….have a Perseid Party….best viewed from the north east…and in a place with no street lights…not great for West Londoners!!!  Although I did do some star gazing last night from The Old Bakery garden and had my very own celestial firework show.  Relax, be patient, and let your eyes adapt to the dark. With a little luck you’ll see a shooting star every minute or so on average.

If you get time check out St Lawrence our patron saint…… 

St Lawrence was ordained a deacon in around 257 AD and was placed in charge of the administration of Church goods and care for the poor.  He is more famous for the way in which he was martryed.  Tradition  holds that Lawrence joked with his persecutors whilst he was burning on a gridiron.  He is famously quoted as having said something along the lines of, “turn me over … I’m done on this side”.  I think I will remember the courage of St Lawrence …..if in doubt smile in the face of adversity.


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