Old Bakery Garden update

At last The Old Bakery garden is beginning to fill out with plumped up vegetables – it’s been 5 long months since we started our garden produce experiment, and I did have my doubts about whether or not it was going to be successful.  The usual suspects tried to rain on our parade – slugs, the vagaries of the English summer, our local fox population, green and black fly to name but a few. We survived them all, and I am really proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time.

You would expect our green-fingered highlights to include eating the vegetables – but I  feel sad about pulling up vegetables from their blankety beds in order to satisfy my own hunger pangs. The culmination of all that hard work and effort is all too quickly dissipated by the act of washing, chopping, cooking and finally eating our home grown produce – tastes good though…….

I’ve also realised that in order to be completely self-sufficient you need a small holding/allotment/sizeable garden in order to generate the variety and quantities of vegetables to keep you going a whole year.  With that in mind I’m on the look out for a small plot of land/fallow garden to grow more vegetables for next year – I would be delighted to share this project with any would-be horticulturalists in the Brentford area – if you have a garden that you are struggling to keep up with, or if you have an allotment that you no longer use please let me know. It would be really good to get a local community allotment project running along the lines of the Ealing Transition group….check out their website for more information……



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