The Great British Bake Off

The baking blogs were buzzing yesterday with the news that the Great British Bake Off was finally underway.  A whole hour devoted to all things cakey proves a heady and irresistible mix for baking enthusiasts.  The programme did not disappoint….the doyenne of baking, Mary Berry, presided over the judging with impeccable English fairness and aplomb. She is something of a legend in baking circles. What Nelson Mandela has done for the anti apparteid movement, she has done for baking.  Her seminal book, Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook is a  baking bible for both the novice,  and the more experienced baker. There really is ‘something about Mary’…..that gets the baking fraternity expectant with excitement at the mere thought of her being in a room full of cooks on TV for an hour each week. 

It was an emotional hour….there were tears and laughter, and anger and frustration, especially when some poor man’s marmalade loaf sank in the middle. The highlight for me was watching a dismayed cook nurture her cake in the oven, only to have it throw itself out of the tin and onto the oven door when it came out…tears and tantrums all round…. I felt truely sorry for her….she was nervous beyond belief….those that survived seemed to possess either alot of practical commonsense-ness, or cutting edge creativity.

I also loved the snippets of cake history that we were fed at 10 minute intervals throughout the programme…..did you know that Queen Victoria is responsible for our obsession with big fancy wedding cakes?  Or that the reason we feel guilty about eating 2 slices of cake is to do with the fact that cakes were banned, yes banned, by the Puritans for being too salacious!!!!! 

Watch this……you’ll like it….Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins navigate us through the programme in true professional comedic style……can’t wait for next week….biscuit making in Scotland…well done Beeb…..great telly!!!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Barnes
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 15:58:26

    I love this show… I am a massive fan of cakes, baking and Mel and Sue.. so I was in heaven watching this….

    Your Celestial cakes look ‘out of this world’…. cant wait to try some!! xx


  2. celestialcakes123
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 18:17:09

    Thanks Sas….it’s baking rock and roll…..there was a really bad revue in the Telegraph recently…you know just another food reality TV programme stylee etc….
    The author didn’t get it……these guys are just like us…..except they have been given a fabulous opportunity to do the Bake-Off. Most cooks identify really strongly with the programme – baking blogs LOVE it, we love it…. bring on the next series…..


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