Switch Off and Turn On…..Off Gridding can be fun!

If the thought of being in a field with 500 or so other green activists in the middle of the Mendip hills with rain pouring down isn’t your idea of a good time, don’t panic…I discovered last weekend that this really can be fun…and very creative and educational to boot….

It’s not your average festival….The Sunrise Off Grid website clearly states that ‘there is no audience. Bring with you what you expect to find and leave no trace behind!’  Off-Grid is a totally participatory, family-focused gathering allowing like-minded people to come together to explore community living, and sustainable practices. OK just a group of crusty old hippies I hear you say – actually no….the Transition movement is gathering pace and people from all walks of life are beginning to realise that we cannot sustain our current way of living  – we need to be more in tune with the planet…..hence the’ switch off and tune in’ motif of this blog today…..

Only last night there was a 2 hour TV programme devoted entirely to the subject of Waste…and how to avoid it….it culminated with a group of master chefs cooking a 3 course banquet for 60 or so illuminaries to demonstrate that  it is entirely possible to make great food from material that supermarkets, farmers and the general public discard as waste.  One of the chefs went to a market garden where small mishapen fruit and vegetables were binned because they didn’t look right…..they were not rancid or spoiled, just the wrong shape!!!!

I want you all to know that I would never discard a Celestial Cake because it was the wrong shape…..quite the contrary….odd is good…..small is fine….large is wonderful…..vive la difference as they say in France.


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  1. Rosie Schneider
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 13:45:17

    Hi Sarah! Thought I would look up everyone I met at the weekend on here….I like your appraisal of the festival….Am still in the process of ‘landing’! So much to chew over and changes to make….all good though! Twas lovely meeting you and Toby….Have a lovely rest of the day! Rosie


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