All you need is food and love….

All you need is food and love – so says Antonio Carluccio – and I must say I could not agree more. I have just been watching his latest foodie offering on the BBC entitled Two Greedy Italians.  The other greedy Italian being his best friend and fellow chef, Gennaro Contaldo.

When they were boys divorce was illegal, recipes were handed down from mother to daughter and every Italian woman took pride in their ability to cook for their family. In the first of the series, the greedy cooks eat their way around Emilia Romagna, home of parma ham and parmesan cheese, to find out if food and family are still at the heart of Italian life. 

Antonio and Gennaro have mixed views on whether things have remained the same since they were boys. Everything changes and sometimes change is good. The suprise for me was that they uncover the essence of family in an unusual setting – a drug rehabilitation centre.   Gennaro is moved to tears by an unusual group of cheesemakers, reformed drug addicts who now devote their lives to making cheese.  The highlight of the trip is when they share a meal in the ‘dining room’ – not a canteen as the guide is keen to point out, but a place for ‘the family’ to congregate. Both chefs repeat the mantra – if you cook you love – the selfless act of preparing and creating food for friends, family or even complete strangers is an unconditional act of love. In the case of the cheesemakers it can be a life saver as well.

I loved Mamma Contaldo’s ricotta dumplings and Antonio’s slow cooked family stew with polenta. Funniest bit – Gennaro trying to seduce Antonio with his warm chocolate and amaretto pudding. Classic.

If anything could make you want to go to Italy then this programme would be it!  Gorgeous scenery; sumptuous food of epic proportions; fine wine;  good conversation and authentic Italian recipes which I am dying to try.  Next week they visit the Bay of Naples…the home of  pizza, can’t wait!

1. The Family


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  1. Soola
    May 05, 2011 @ 22:19:16

    Hi Sarah I watched Two Greedy Italians too and was hooked! Great series, great food and good humour! I am salivating thinking of those pizzas now!!!


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