10 things I love about summer

It’s been awhile since my last post –  summer is a great time for cake and jam making, jamborees and junkets – in fact all things cakey seem to thrive during this most blessed of seasons, so I’ve been busy.

Firstly Celestial Cakes news update.  I LOVE my Ealing Farmers’ Market pitch on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month, but  wanted another  pitch on the weekends I was not working.  I am delighted to report that London Farmers’ Markets are expanding and have asked me to be part of a new market opening in Parsons Green.  I will be covering the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of every month. The market will start at the end of September – wish me luck!

So back to summer which officially ended a few days ago – I miss it already so thought I would share with you 10 things I love about summer…

1. Abundance – plants, roots and shoots all bigging themselves up throughout the season

2. Warmer days and nights – I know we moan about how cold it is in England, but I havn’t worn a coat for about 4 months and it feels good!

3. Soft fruits – any colour shape or size – they are all good – my personal favourite the fantabulous raspberry, scrummy in cakes and jams

4. Eating outdoors – alfresco dining whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner is one of my greatest pleasures during the summer months

5. Hanging out your washing on the line…sounds daft but I like the smell of summer on freshly washed and dried outdoors clothes

6. Sleeping with the windows open, the sounds of summer waft in from outside as you doze off to sleep

7. The smell of freshly mown grass –   the quintessential  smell of summer

8. Longer days – it’s great to come home in the light, or go for a walk in the evening

9. Peachy beachy high days and holidays – who needs the Med when you have Devon and Cornwall?

10. Celestial sunshine, moonshine and starry nights  – what could be better than lying on the grass on a warm summer night and looking up at the stars ?

The best thing about my top 10? Most of them cost nothing…I guess it’s true… the best things in life are free – and happen in summer!


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