Celestial Greets

It has been a good few months since my last post so here goes…

Hello everyone…this catch-up is long overdue…what’s been happening in the intervening months? We’ve had a feast of festivals; foodie holidays and celebrations to cope with not to mention our regular commitments with London Farmers Markets and Edible Ealing Box Scheme + W7Emporium…it has been B-U-S-Y…I’m just trying to catch my breath before Easter descends upon us.

I love my work, especially as it means I get to meet wonderful folk all  across London. My regular customers are an inspiration, and I thank you  for your support and enthusiasm for all things Celestial! Spring is nearly here! Although it still feels chilly I’ve seen the daffodils emerging and the evenings are getting lighter – always a good sign.

horse play at Ealing Farmers Market

On another matter… Much has been made in the media about the horse meat scandal.  I think what has incensed people is not the fact that horse meat is used in the production of ready meals, but that the supermarkets knew nothing about what was in the product they were selling.  Farmers Markets need your support and continued patronage because we cannot compete on price with the large chains, but we do have several USPs they will never have – we are small; independent ;and committed to bringing the very best of British to you each week.  As I have said before my watch words are ORGANIC-FREE RANGE-LOCAL  So from me to you here is what to expect this year… More lush combos,  more big bash cakes as people really seem to like these; quirky flavours that seem to work together even though on paper they shouldn’t; organic vegtastic options; and above all the same great tastes with absolutely no compromise on quality.

stall groaning with delicious cakey treatsgluten free chocolate fudge heartsa rather large Victoria Sandwich Cake


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