Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness…

Summer went out like a light this year – one week into September and there is a chill in the air, the rain has returned and I am looking at putting on more layers to combat the cold.  The payoff comes in the form of autumnal foodie treats such as blackberries; late raspberries; apples pears and plums – just the kind of fruity delectations that make an ordinary cake a great cake.  Expect to see on the market stall this month blackberry apple and almond slice; triple whammy raspberry cake (made with buttercream cassis); and upside down plum cake.

I promised you an update on Cassandra and Raquel  – our free range porkers are growing tubby (in this case a good thing) and may soon be heading to that fluffy pigsty in the sky.  The girls like their sleeping quarters and play area but have become keen to explore more of the Rectory garden and have tried to escape on a number of occasions.  They are demanding more attention and companionship than Del Boy and Rodney – I guess they always had their three wheeler to escape in!  Anyway as you can see from the picture they like nothing better than snuffling for food scraps and apples.

Cassandra and Raquel


I was lucky enough to go to France over the summer holidays.  I had forgotten how amazing French markets are – everything is beautifully presented and packaged – the cakes were disappointing though – mostly nougat and truffles and very sweet – not at all like the fabulous patisserie you get in French bakeries. I was very impressed by this cheese display…so mouth watering…

photo (2)

french cheese at Cotignac Market










Finally I would like to say thank you to all those people who came for a “chat and cake” at Brentford Festival it was a brilliant community day, well supported by local people.  Here is the Green Man in front of my stall…

green man at Brentford Festival


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