It’s ‘comin on Christmas…and they’re cutting down trees…

Christmas is nearly upon us, so with that in mind I have been planning my Christmas offerings. I’m trying ‘made to order’ this year so if you come to either West Ealing or West Hampstead Markets you can order your cake in advance – pick up will be the last market before Christmas – 21st December, or earlier if preferred.  I have a range of great cakes this year – as always a bit leftfield so if you are looking for a traditional cake this is not the place to find it!


Here’s what I have in mind…..

Celestial Chocolate Christmas Cake – a moist fruit cake boosted with 3 different types of chocolate – this cake has a deliciously rich flavour

Sarah’s Stollen – very popular – lots of dried fruit and marzipan make this a real Christmas treat

Hazelnut, Fig, Chestnut and Orange Fruit Cake – sublime combination…let’s just say Marrons Glace and leave it there

Saffron infused Gluten Free Clementine Cake – an old favourite and always popular at Christmas

Gluten Free Chocolate Prune and Armagnac Cake – shamefully  rich and indulgent

Boozy Christmas Puddings includes sherry, brandy, rum and what’s this…angostura bitters….whatever next?

To place an order visit my market stalls or call Sarah on 07946060896  – a small freebie is available for those of you who can name which famous recording artist wrote and sang my posts’ title…It’s ‘comin on Christmas….

Season’s Greets Everyone!


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