Vive la Difference!

I’m enjoying the  BBC comedy series W1A at the moment…it’s the follow on to Twenty Twelve, a send-up of the London Olympic Games.  This one sends up the BBC which in my book is must-see TV. One of the sub plots focuses on “Britain’s Tastiest Village” –  a sort of Great British Bake Off meets TOWIE, and who else could present such a programme but the ubiquitous Claire Balding and Alan Titchmarsh….except neither of them really want to be associated with the programme for various reasons.  Anyway it got me thinking about Britain’s tastiest village/town/city and what makes for quintessentially good food across the land.  Joking apart we do have a lot to celebrate food wise as a nation. Since the 1970s there has been a relentless foody renaissance taking place.  From Michelin starred chefs to the humble High Street Café food just seems to have got better, more considered, mega optioned and multi layered.  It is no longer a case of fish and chips, Indian or Chinese takeaways being the norm…most High Streets have modern fusion food outlets by the bucket load…but are we really spoilt for choice? Have we become blasé when it comes to food?…do we really know our Nam Plas from our Nachos…or is it just an illusion?Old Bakery HQ

I am numb when it comes to chain restaurants – even though they offer good value for money, lots of choice and reasonable quality what I’m looking for is the one-off, the individual, the different, the special and unique.  I believe what we now need  is a change…not more choice, but less choice and more home-grown “unchained” foodie outlets across the land.  One home grown example from Ealing is Angela Malik’s new Indian fusion food emporium on St Marys Rd  – Angela uses great raw and cooked ingredients to create UMAMI  – a rather unique “je ne sais quoi” that cannot be found elsewhere along the High Street. Similarly I have been supporting two new cafes – Organika in Pitshanger Village, and Paperback on South Ealing Road….luckily for me both now stock Celestial Cake offerings because I think they got that UMAMI moment when they tasted my cake….yes we like what you do, how you do it and why you do it.  Whilst I don’t think Ealing is going to win Britain’s Tastiest Town anytime soon, there are encouraging signs beginning to emerge, and I’m happy to be part of the trend bucking brigade – big is not always beautiful – unless it’s a home made cider infused hot cross bun….

You can find Celestial Cakey offerings at the following outlets across Ealing

Organika Café, 78 Pitshanger Lane,Ealing W51QX

Paperback Café, 153 South Ealing Road, W54QP

W7Emporium, 60B Boston Road, Hanwell, W73TR

Edible Ealing Box Scheme ( small selection available fortnightly on Fridaysvery moist carrot cake

Ealing Farmers Market, Leeland Rd, West Ealing second and fourth Saturday of the month 9.00am till 1.00pm

Easter stall at West Hampsteadtea cakes 2

Sarah's apple cake


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