Celestial goings on over the summer

life is better

Celestial Greets Everyone!

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Old Bakery HQ.  What with regular markets, cafe commitments, festivals and fayres it’s been hard to fit any R&R in over the summer months.  Having said that I did have a smashing holiday in France during August.  Whilst there I used my time wisely and purchased several foodie paraphernalia items for my market stall. Top of my list of cracking finds was an olive stoner which doubles as a plum/cherry stoner as well.  This useful piece of kit will shorten the time it takes to stone cherries in the summer and plums in the autumn…how did I ever manage without it?  I can’t resist a good French antiquities/brocante market… brilliant for all sorts of fabulous finds such as my antique crisp white linen table cloths soon to grace the market stall stands.  I’ve also invested in a hardwearing red and white apron which will hopefully keep me clean and tidy whilst I work.

Brentford Festival .1.

Brentford Festival








First week back after the holiday and Brentford Festival proved a stonking success….weather hot; crowds plentiful; offerings appreciated…this is by far and away my best event of the year – and I love the fact it is a local event supported by local people. Keeping it local I now have a stall at Brentford Farmer’s Market on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. I am enjoying meeting local folk for a cake-and-chat…and there are some great stall holders to talk to, and sample their wares.  Last week I picked up some wonderful fruit vinegars from Bickertons stall…they will make great Christmas gifts.

Brentford Market


carrot,pistachio and coconut cake







Speaking of Christmas…it is fast approaching…I have been busy prepping by making jams, marmalades and chutneys to sell on my stalls and through Edible Ealing.  I will of course be making other delicious combestibles in cakey form nearer the time…more of that later…




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