Have an egg-tastic Easter…

I’m not going to try and answer the age old question of which came first – the chicken or the egg?  All I know is that baking would be jolly hard without these little ovoid beauties.  Eggs are almost the perfect food source, unless you have an allergy to eggs, or you are vegan, or have religious reasons for not eating them, they are nature’s powerhouse food stuff.  Mind you – there are eggs and eggs – it pays to know your eggs…rather like knowing your onions because not all eggs are created equal.


When I first started baking I was determined to find a farmer who cared about the welfare of their hens; kept them in a free range/outdoor environment, and fed them well.  Luckily for me I have two excellent suppliers both selling at London Farmers’ Markets – David Emmett, from Rockwell Farm and My Orchard Eggs from Brambletye Biodynamic Farm in Sussex. The Emmett family has been at Rockwell End since 1936. As well as an acreage of wheat, the farm produces free range eggs, new/ salad and main crop potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, sweetcorn. All produce is available on-farm in the farm shop as well as at Farmers Markets in London and locally.


At Brambletye Farm the hens really do run free, wandering about between the wonderful biodynamic apple trees during the day and housed in units that can be moved around the 60 acre site with ease. These hens really do  live the life of Riley and are fed on 100% organic grain with no GMOs…you can see why I like them!



I’m so happy to support both these great egg producers…and if I really run short of eggs then Edible Ealing Box Scheme take up the slack with another great organic producer…


Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a few eggy offerings… rest assured when you next visit me at West Hampstead, Ealing or Brentford Markets I will have suitably inspired egg-tastic treats for you to sample.  Happy Holidays everyone!



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