cake + veg = :-)

Everyone wants to grow their own veg these days, and why not?  Even a small balcony can yield an array of potted vegetables such as courgettes, tomatoes, and potatoes.  I’ve just grown terrific creamy potatoes in a large pot and got a whole weeks worth of produce from it……fabulous.

My enthusiasm for growing made me think about other ways of incorporating vegetables into my cooking. It’s not new to combine vegetables with sweet foods –  during World War 2 when some foods were in short supply, vegetables were plentiful, and interesting combinations such as carrots; parsnips and courgettes in cake mixtures were born. I have several delicious recipes which you might want to try….ever thought of eating beetroot with chocolate?  Try my mouth watering brownies to find out!!!

Naturally sweet, carrots, beetroot, parsnips and courgettes add flavour and texture to cakes, and help keep them fresh and moist. Carrot is a classic addition to lightly spiced cakes, and parsnip is more unusual but works well with spices such as ginger and cinnamon, and juicy dried fruits. Courgette makes the best moist, light muffins, and beetroot and chocolate are great partners. The beetroot gives the cake a fantastic fudge-like texture, making it great served warm with ice cream. Also, try pumpkin or squash with mixed spices.


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  1. Renee Laverdiere
    May 07, 2012 @ 09:19:16

    My husband and I bought one of your brownies on Sunday…divine!! We’ll be back for more:)


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