Organic-Local-Free Range

Organic-Local-Free Range are our watch words.  We go to great lengths to source only the finest ingredients – for example Green’s of Glastonbury supply the organic cheddar found in our savoury muffins and cheese scones.  Choice Organics, our local organic wholesaler who provide fruit and veg for the Edible Ealing Box Scheme,  also supply us with the succulent Sicilian organic lemons that go into the lemon drizzle cake; the finest English organic carrots for the very moist carrot cake; and they put the beetroot in the Big Love Beetroot Brownies!

We are proud to support  the Essential Trading Food Co-Operative – some of their products have been awarded the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Award. Our quarterly shop from Essential might include items such as Doves Farm organic flour;  organic jumbo oats; gluten free flours from Doves Farm and Essential’s own organic range of ground almonds; spices and crystallised ginger.

Our eggs come from David Emmett’s Rockwell End House Farm chickens, and Brambletye Farm Bio Dynamic eggs.  David is a third generation farmer. He keeps over 1000 free range hens who lay beautiful orange yolked eggs – yummy!  David has a stall at several London Farmers’ Markets and produces wonderful free range pork as well.

Lastly, but not least Celestial Cakes grow their own vegetables in season such as beetroot; courgettes; and strawberries.


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